The Hydro V

There are not many new things in surfing these days that have not been done before and I am not saying my Hydro V design is new, but it is the end product of my journey of designing, refining and defining what works for me. I have always loved riding different boards and finding their sweet spot and what makes them do what they do. There are few constants in what most of us want from a board. Speed and manoeuvrability. I have kept this in mind with my board designs and have struck on a design that seems to tick the boxes for a wide range of conditions and abilities. Most boards have bottom contours composed of concaves and V. Mostly single concave to double to spiral V. So do I, but mine are somewhat more pronounced and obvious by comparison. Under the nose you will find a deep single concave, contained by the rounded shoulders at the start of the chine. This rounded / hullish entry, provides significant lift allowing for a flatter rocker overall. The single concave in the nose and under the front foot, blends to a double concave and pronounced V out through the tail. The chine along the rail contains and funnels all that water under the board providing lift before releasing it across the fin or fins. It also creates another edge and release point as you tip into a turn, like the strakes on a highspeed boat hull.

This has proved to be a very fast combination, that also has great hold in the face of the wave. I call it the Hydro V. As a consequence, I have designed a range of boards with different outlines that all have a Hydro V bottom design. The rocker has been designed to work with the particular outline and bottom contours to maximise the boards potential. This may seem like a little bit of a departure from most board designers and shapers, but it works and I have had very positive feedback from those who have experienced it. I have also added the Hydro V to old school outlines to mix it up. It’s like looking at an old car on the outside then lifting the bonnet to realise it has a big V8 under the hood. Best of both worlds. A blending of old and new.

I also have a range of traditional logs and longboards for that old school feel. I have an open mind and welcome the opportunity to build a board that makes your time on the water your happy place. I build boards in different foams and fibreglass as well as timbers, cork and natural fibres such as flax / linen. So if you are looking for something a little different, let’s talk.
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